Are New Gender Beliefs Based on Science and Research? - Peter Huston

Antioxidants: The Hype and the Reality - Harriet Hall

Occult Angel: The Mormon Forgeries and Bombing Murders - Joe Nickell

All About Astrology - Brian Dunning

Heaven Is Not For Real: Review of ‘The Myth of an Afterlife’ - Sebastian Dieguez

Bigfoot and I: Reflections on Forty Years of Skepticism - Eugenie Scott

Dream Interpretation and False Beliefs - G. Mazzoni, P. Lombardo, S. Malgavia, E. Loftus

Every article of Skeptic´s Digest since the beginning classified by subject


A Brief History of Mass Hysteria in Australia - Robert E. Bartholomew
A Short History of Psi Research - Robert Todd Carroll
A Telepathy Investigation - Massimo Polidoro
A Theoretical Physicist´s View... What are paranormal phenomena? - Gerard 't Hooft
A review of Dean Radin's Conscious Universe - Robert T. Carroll
Achau Nguyen Test (Telepathy) - Jim Underdown
Altered States of Consciousness - Barry Beyerstein
Altered states of consciousness (ASC) - Robert Todd Carroll
An Experimental Psychic Probe of the Planet Jupiter - Harold Sherman & Ingo Swann
Analysis of a telepathy test - Per Johan Råsmark
Animal Predictors: Psychic, Sensitive, or Silly? - Brian Dunning
Animal Telepathy - Mark Edward
Astral Projection - Pat Linse
Back from the Future: Parapsychology and the Bem Affair - James Alcock
Bringing Levitation Down to Earth - Benjamin Radford
Can some people read minds? - Bruce Perry
Clever Hans, the "Psychic" Horse - D. Trull
Collective hallucination - Robert T. Carroll
Confabulation - Robert Todd Carroll
Creating past-life identity in hypnotic regression - Young Don Pyun
Debunking Seeing Without Sight - Leon Jaroff
Deluded Viewing - François Tremblay
Do You Have ESP? - JREF Foundation
Does Psi Exist? - Daryl J. Bem & Charles Honorton
ESP - Perception Without Sensation? - David G. Myers
ESP and the Paranormal: Supernatural or Super-fraud? - David Myers
ESP: Just Have Faith - The Oracle's Seat
Evaluation of Program on Anomalous Mental Phenomena - Ray Hyman
Extra-Sensory Perception Fact Sheet - John A. Thomas
Human Auras And Energy Fields - Don Lindsay
Human Energy Fields? - Eric Krieg
Human magnets and their repulsive claims - Joe Schwarcz
Hypnagogia: An Explanation of Strange Nighttime Visitations - Robert Novella
Hypnosis Revisited - Harriet Hall
Hypnosis and posthypnotic suggestion: exploding myths and maximising effects - Amanda J. Barnier
Imaginary friends no illusion - The Washington Times
Investigative Files: Paranormal Lincoln - Joe Nickell
Is it possible to recall past lives through hypnosis? - Cecil Adams
Is There Extrasensory Perception? - Davis Myers
John Edward: Hustling the Bereaved - Joe Nickell
Kirlian photography (electrophotography) - Robert Todd Carroll
Levitation - Mark Edward
Levitation - Robert T. Carroll
Levitation - Lynne Kelly
Lucid Dreaming - Brian Dunning
Lucid Dreaming: Awake in Your Sleep? - Susan Blackmore
Maria's near-death experience: waiting for the other shoe to drop - Hayden Ebbern, Sean Mullingan & Barry L. Beyerstein
Mass Delusions and Hysterias: Highlights from the Past Millennium - Robert E. Bartholomew and Erich Goode
Mind Over Metal - Joe Nickell
Multiple Personality Disorder - Scott O. Lilienfeld & Steven Jay Lynn
My Psychic Adventure - Kari Coleman
Near-Death Experiences: In or Out of the Body - Susan Blackmore
Neuroimaging Fails To Demonstrate ESP Is Real - Harvard University
Neurology of the Weird - Barry Beyerstein, reported by Jeanine DeNoma
Neuroscience: why do we see faces in everyday objects? - David Robson
Night Terrors: Sleep paralysis - Natalie Guest
Oliver Sacks on Hallucinations - Indre Viskontas
Out of Body Experiences and the Astral Hypothesis - Robert Novella
Out of your mind, not out of your body - The Economist
Out-of-body experience recreated - BBC News
Out-of-Body Experiences: Brainy Clues - Miranda Hitti
Out-of-body experiences may come from within - University of Manchester
Paranormal Wall Street - Karen Stollznow
Parapsychology: Play It Again - Keith Harary
Past Life Regression Therapy: Encouraging Fantasy - Harriet Hall
Proof of Hallucination - Michael Shermer
Psychic Detectives and the Tragedy of Harley Dilly - Benjamin Radford
Psychic Pets and Pet Psychics - Joe Nickell
Psychic Secrets - Jamy Iam Swiss
Psychokinesis: Facts About Mind Over Matter - Benjamin Radford
Remote viewing - Robert Todd Carroll
Remotely Viewed? The Charlie Jordan Case - Joe Nickell
Science vs. the Paranormal - James Cornell
Scientific Remote Viewing - Robert Baker
Second Sight: The Phenomenon of Eyeless Vision - Joe Nickell
Secrets of a Russian Pshychic - Massimo Polidoro
Secrets of the Psychics: Investigating Paranormal Claims - Massimo Polidoro
Secrets of ‘The Flying Friar’: Did St. Joseph of Copertino Really Levitate? - Joe Nickell
Simulacra, Pareidolia and Apophenia - A collection of images - Daniel Tarr
Sleep Paralysis - Steven Novella
Sleep Paralysis: A Personal Odyssey Into an Apparently Paranormal Experience - Heidi Love
Soundless Music Shown to Produce Weird Sensations - Patricia Reaney
Synchronicity - Christopher Bonds
Synesthesia - R.T. Carroll
Tales of the Dying Brain - Christof Koch
Telepathy - Swapping thoughts without words - Paul Willis
Testing Natasha (The Girl with X-Ray Eyes) - Ray Hyman
The Best Case for ESP? - Matt Nisbet
The Case of the Cottingley Fairies - James Randi
The Case of the ‘Psychic Detectives’ - Joe Nickell
The Conscious Universe, by Dean Radin: a book review - Morten Monrad Pedersen
The Current State of Parapsychology Research - Scott Teresi
The Fantasy Prone Personality - Steven Novella
The Girl Who Smelled Blue - Jesse Bering
The art of deception revealed - Massimo Polidoro
The eternal mystery of déjà vu - Freaky Phenomena
The Evidence for Psychic Functioning: Claims vs. Reality - Ray Hyman
The Hag Phenomenon or Sleep Paralysis" - Kady Harrington
The Matter of Dowsing - James Randi
The "Open" Mind - Gary P. Posner
The Parallel Delusion of ESP and Cold Fusion - Victor J. Stenger
The Physics of ESP - Robert Novella
The woman who 'can leave her body at will' - Sarah Griffiths
Two Mass Delusions in New England - Robert E. Bartholomew
Uri Geller - Harry Edwards
Uri Geller Caught Red-handed - Massimo Polidoro
Visions and hallucinations - Barry L. Beyerstein
Weird Science: the fascination of the public in the paranormal - Nancy K. Dess
What do out-of-body experiences tell us about the brain? - Susan Blackmore
What really happens in out of body experiences? - Roger Highfield
What's Really Behind Paranormal Experiences - Stephanie Pappas
What's the Deal With the Bright Light You See Before Dying? - Brendan I. Koerner
What's the story on "ganzfeld" experiments? - Cecil Adams
Why I have given up Parapsychology - Susan Blackmore
Why People Believe in ESP for the Wrong Reasons - Sharon Presley
Why scientists are skeptics about psychic phenomena - Michael Shermer
Why some people see 'auras' around their loved ones - Jenny Gimpel
Why we want to believe psychics - Richard Wiseman
World to End in 2012 (Check Back for Updates) - Benjamin Radford
You See Auras, Researchers See Brain Signals - Cognitive Neuropsychology

A Good Analysis of Bad UFO Information - Benjamin Radford
Abducted! Scientific Explanations of the Alien Abduction Experience - J. Randal Montgomery
Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens - Susan A. Clancy
Abduction by Aliens or Sleep Paralysis? - Susan Blackmore
Abductions and Hoaxes: The Man Who Attracts Aliens - Joe Nickell
Alien Encounters - Joe Nickell
Alien Skulls and Their Makers - Tim Callahan
Alien abduction - Robert T. Carroll
Alien abduction claims examined: Signs of trauma found - William J. Cromie
Alien Armada! - Peter Carlson
Alien Implants: The New "Hard Evidence" - Joe Nickell
Aliens There but Not Here - Seth Shostak
All Alone? (Or Not?) - Philip Morrison
An Astronomer Looks at UFOs: A Lot Less than Meets the Eye - Andrew Fraknoi
An Astronomer´s Personal Statement on UFOs - Alan Hale
Ancient Astronauts - Science or Charlatanism? - Robert Sheaffer
Answering Public Questions on UFOs and Aliens - David Morrison
Are we alone, and do we care? - Massimo Pigliucci
Bermuda Triangle just a myth, U.S. says - Ken Kaye
Chupacabra, or Déjà Chu? - Joe Nickell
Claims About a Government “UFO Program” - How Much is True? - Robert Sheaffer
Close Encounters with Alien Abductions - David Ludden
Contemplating Extraterrestrial Civilizations - George Michael
Crop Circles? - Mogens Winther
Crop circle capers - Joe Nickell
ET Phone Me - Michael Shermer
Exeter Incident Solved! A Classic UFO Case, Forty-Five Years ‘Cold’ - James McGaha and Joe Nickell
Explaining 'Memories' of Space Alien Abduction and Past Lives - Richard J. McNally
Explaining Those Vivid Memories of Martian Kidnappers - Benedict Carey
Extraterrestrial Aliens: Friends, Foes, or Just Curious? - George Michael
I make crop circles - BBC News
Kidnapped by UFO´s? - interview with Carl Sagan - NOVA
Klass’ 10 UFOlogical principles - Claus Larsen
Look, Up There - What Are UFOs? - Steven Novella
NASA studies UFOs? - Mick West
Navy Pilot’s 2004 UFO: A Comedy of Errors - Joe Nickell
New Zealand Releases UFO Files - Paul Chapman
No Credible Evidence of Alien Visitations Exist - Seth Shostak
Over the Hill on UFO Abductions - Robert Sheaffer
Return to Roswell - Joe Nickell
Roswell UFO ‘Strange Metal’ Mystery - Joe Nickell
SETI: How scientists really search for intelligent life beyond Earth - Iain Todd / BBC Sky At Night Magazine
Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects - Edward U. Condon
Seeing Things - Nigel Watson
Sexing Up UFOs - Rusty Rockets
Sightings: UFOs and Visual Perception - Mark B. Fineman
States of Mind: Some Perceived ET Encounters - Joe Nickell
The Apollo-11 UFO Incidents - James Oberg
The Bermuda Triangle - Lynne Kelly
The Case for Alien Abduction - The Skeptic's Bunker
The Chilling Changelling Chupacabra! - Pat Linse
The Evidence for Extraterrestrials - Davy Russell
The Gimbal Video: Genuine UFO or Camera Artifact? - Mick West
The Hill Abduction - Nigel Watson
The Joe Nickell Files - UFOs and Alien Abductions - Joe Nickell
The Mexican Air Force UFO Affair - James C. Smith
The Nazca Geoglyphs - Darren Iammarino
The Nazca Lines - L. Eddie
The Pentagon’s UFOs - Robert Sheaffer
The Reality of Recent UFO Sightings - Benjamin Radford
The Roswell Incident - the greatest mystery in UFO-logy? - Kjetil Kjernsmo
The Roswell Incident and Project Mogul - Dave Thomas
The Selling of the Travis Walton "Abduction" Story - Robert Sheaffer
The day UFOs stopped play - Richard Padula
The story behind the "Alien Autopsy Hoax" - Joe Nickell
Tracking the Chupacabra: Twenty-Five Years Later - Benjamin Radford
Tunguska - Allan Harris
U.S. Government Says UFOs are Real - Mick West
UFO study finds no sign of aliens - Mark Simpson
UFO's, or a Light Show? Science Battles Wishful Thinking - Jim Oberg
UFOlogy 2009: A Six-Decade Perspective - Robert Sheaffer
UFOs over Buffalo! - Joe Nickell
UFOs, UAPs and CRAPs - Michael Shermer
UFOs: A Skeptics Primer (Roswell + 50) - Black Sun Redux
UFOs: Beliefs, Conspiracies, and Aliens - Mick West
UFOs? I've seen 180 - BBC News
Ultraterrestrials: A Review of How UFOs Conquered the World - Terence Hines
Unidentified Flying Objections - Perry DeAngelis
Unidentified: UFOs and UAPs - Michael Shermer
Visits to and from Extraterrestrials - Morton Tavel
What Are the Flying Triangles? - James Oberg
Why I believe UFOs are bunk - BBC News
Why have we stopped seeing UFOs in the skies? - Stuart Walton
Will ETs Kill Us or Vice Versa? - Tim Callahan

A Brief Analysis of Mysticism - Hamed Vahidi
A Case of Reincarnation - Reexamined - Joe Nickell
A Cogent Consideration of Karma (and Reincarnation) - Barry L. Beyerstein
A Ghost in the Machine: The existence of the soul - Adam Lee
A Stunning Chronicle of Unbelievers - Tim Callahan
All sacred cows: bizarre beliefs and practices of religions - Donald Prothero
Angels, An Objective View - Davy Russell
Are Sacred Texts Sacred? the Challenge for Atheists - Carlin Romano
Are Science and Religion Compatible? - Paul Kurtz
Are humans hard-wired for faith? - A. Chris Gajilan
Atheism, Theism and Big Bang Cosmology - Quentin Smith
Bad to the Bone: The Science of Good and Evil - Logan Hill
Bertrand Russell's best quotes on Religion - Robert E. Egner
Brainwashed! A cult survivor's tale - Arthur Chappell
Broken Spells & Unveiled Secrets - James N. Gardner
Can We Believe in Both Science and Religion? -
Cargo Cults - Brian Dunning
Celebrities lead charge against Scientology - Peter Beaumont, Toni O'Loughlin, and Paul Harris
Château Scientology: Inside the Church's Celebrity Centre - Dana Goodyear
Claims of Invalid "Shroud" Radiocarbon Date Cut from Whole Cloth - Joe Nickell
Clear and Fear: Scientology Under Review - Wendy M. Grossmankk
Could We Survive Our Own Deaths? - Antony Flew
David Hume’s "Of Miracles" - Michael Shermer
Demonic Possessions - Perry DeAngelis
Did Jesus Really Exist? - Mark Thomas
Does God Exist? - David Nicholls
Does Prayer Work? New scientific study examines the power of prayer - BBC TWO
Ethics Without Gods - Frank Zindler
Everyone's a Skeptic -- About Other Religions - James A. Haught
Examining Miracle Claims - Joe Nickell
Exorcism - Robert T. Carroll
Exorcism! Driving Out the Nonsense - Joe Nickell
God Is Dead, After Weather and Sports - Mike Reiss
God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens
God is "Only a Theory" - Michael Shermer
God on the Brain - Liz Tucker
God, Heaven, and Evil - Ken Levy
God, Science, and Delusion - a chat with Arthur C. Clarke - Matt Cherry
God? A Debate Between A Christian and An Atheist - William Lane Craig & Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
Holy Relics, Holy Places, Wholly Fiction - Tim Callahan
Hope Springs Eternal: Science, the Afterlife & the Meaning of Life - Michael Shermer
How we believe - Harriet Hall
Immortality - Steven B. Harris
Incorruptibility: Miracle or Myth? - Harry Edwards
Incorruptible Bodies - Robert T. Carroll
Inside Scientology - Janet Reitman
Intelligent Design - Robert Novella & Steven Novella
Is God Dying? - Michael Shermer
Is Scientology a cult? - Michael Shermer
Is There Evidence for an Afterlife? - Victor Stenger
Is There Life After Death? The Mind-Body Problem - Ralph Lewis
Life and death and life - Null Second
Material girl turns spiritual (Madonna & Kaballah) - Vanessa Thorpe
Michael Shermer on Religion, an interview - Dott Clarke Koch
Miracle Photographs - Joe Nickell
Miracle? A Question of Science and Faith - John Allan Paulos
Neuroscience and the Soul - Martha J.Farah / Nancey Murphy
No War between Science and Religion? Many Scientists Disagree - Howard Feldman
Noah & his Ark - A Critical Examination - W. Sumner Davis
Noah's Ark: Sea Trials - Brian Dunning
Of Miracles and Magisteria - Richard Morrock
On a Wing and a Prayer: The Search for Guardian Angels - Joe Nickell
On death, a Humanistic Perspective - Massimo Pigliucci
Physicist Ponders God, Truth and 'a Final Theory' - James Glanz
Realism and Religion: A Physicist Examines the Basis for Belief - Milton Rothman
Regarding reincarnation - Laurie Eddie
Reincarnation - Phil Molé
Religion And The Brain - Sharon Begley
Return from the Dead - Joe Nickell
Satanism in Newtown - Perry J. DeAngelis
Science and Creationism - Evidence Supporting Biological Evolution - National Academy of Sciences
Scientology, Anonymous: A leap beyond faith - Michael Shermer
Searching for Satan in 2021: An Update on Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims - Emma Louise Rodgers Romero
Should Science Study Religion? - James N. Gardner
Shroud of Turin: Redux - Daniel Loxton
Snake Oil and Holy Water - are science and religion converging? - Richard Dawkins
Some questions for the believer (in God) - Atheists United
Spirit, Soul and Mind - Frank R. Zindler
Surviving Death on Larry King Live - Michael Shermer
The 29 arguments for reincarnation - Raymond Gavel
The Afterlife Experiments - Book Review - Gary E. Schwartz
The Blood of St. Januarius - di L. Garlaschelli, F. Ramaccini, S. Della Sala
The Boy Who Thought He Was Reincarnated - Brian Dunning
The Case Against Immortality - Keith Augustine
The Devil Within – Exorcism in the United States - Alison Smith
The Evidence for the History of Jesus - Steven Novella
The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins
The God Project - What the science of religion can’t prove. - H. Allen Orr
The God hypothesis: God is a testable hypothesis - Victor J. Stenger
The Haunted Boy - Mark Opsasnick
The Incorruptibles: a skeptical eye on claims of incorruptibility - Brian Dunning
The Joe Nickell Files: The Shroud of Turin - Joe Nickell
The Marian Apparition of Guadalupe and Her Fantastical Portrait - Historical Blindness
The Mind Benders, Scientology - Cyril Vosper
The Myths of Meditation - Arthur Chappell
The Passion of the Christ - Who Really Killed Jesus? - Tim Callahan
The Real Secrets of Fatima - Joe Nickell
The Real Story Behind The Exorcist - Ben Radford
The Vision Thing - Interview with Richard Dawkins - Sheena McDonald
Unraveling the Shroud of Turin - Steven D. Scafersman
Voice of Reason: Exposing the Da Vinci Hoax - Joe Nickell
What Can Science Learn from Religion? - Steven Pinker / Michael Shermer
What Science Really Says About the Soul - Stephen Cave
What is Scientology? - Jon Atack
What Good is Religion? - Richard Dawkins
What is Spirituality, Anyway? - David Speed
What's Wrong with Scientology? - Kristi Wachter
Why We Believe - Long After We Shouldn’t - Carol Tavris, Elliot Aronson
Without God - Steven Weiberg

A Close Look at Therapeutic Touch - Linda Rosa, Emily Rosa, Larry Sarner & Stephen Barrett
A Different Way to Heal? - John Angier and David Huntley
A Few Thoughts on Ayurvedic Mumbo-Jumbo - Stephen Barrett
A Neuroscientist Investigates Acupuncture - Robert Drysdale
A Skeptic Contemplates Herbal Medicine - Harriet Hall
Acupuncture - Craig Good
Acupuncture: Can it help? - Mayo Clinic Staff
Acupuncture: What You Need To Know - National Institute of Heahth (NIH)
All About Mindfulness - Brian Dunning
Alternative Medicine and the Laws of Physics - Robert L. Park
Alternative Medicine: Science or Pseudoscience? - Sharrona Pearl and Sheryl Tayar
Aromatherapy: Making Dollars out of Scents - Stephen Barrett
Ayurveda: Ancient Superstition, Not Science - Harriet Hall
Ayurvedic Medicine: Does it Work? - Marc Carrier
Bach Flower Remedies: Time to Stop Smelling the Flowers? - Lynn McCutcheon
Be Wary of Acupuncture, Qigong, and "Chinese Medicine" - Stephen Barrett
Belgium Skeptics Commit Mass Suicide (Homeopathy) - Luc Bonneaux
Can biology do better than faith? - Edward O. Wilson
Chiropractic Quackery - Jeff Welch
Chiropractic: A Skeptical View - William T. Jarvis
Claims for Alternative Medicine Need Scrutiny - Heather Rock Woods
Complementary and Alternative Medicine: What is it? - Mayo Clinic Staff
Copper and Magnetic Bracelets Do Not Work - Dr. Steven Novella
Crystal Quackery - Kirk Straughen
Crystals - is there any basis for belief in crystal healing? - Paul Willis
Dilutial Disorder (Homeopathy) - Phil Plait
Evaluating Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Cancer Patients - Barrie R. Cassileth, PhD
Faith cures: or does it? - Kirk Straughen
False Tenets of Paraherbalism - Varro E. Tyler
Ginkgo Biloba? Forget About It - Brendan Koerner
Hazards of Herbal Medicine - Harriet Hall
Healthy Doubts: Alternative medicine doesn't exist - Reyhan Harmanci
Herbal Mythology - Steven Novella
Herbal Remedies - There´s no magic - Mayo Clinic Staff
Herbal Remedies' Potential Dangers - Sanjay Gupta, M.D.
Herbalists' cocktails may do more harm than good, say researchers - Sarah Boseley
Herbs Are Drugs - Steven Novella
Homeopathic practices 'risk lives' - Pallab Ghosh
Homeopathy - Steven Novella
Homeopathy Has No Basis in Science - Harriet Hall
Homeopathy: A Critique of Current Clinical Research - Edzard Ernest
Homeopathy: a Position Statement by the NCAHF - William Jarvis
Homeopathy: Still Crazy After All These Years - Harriet Hall
Homeopathy: The Test - webchat with James Randi - BBC Horizon
Homeopathy: The Ultimate Fake - Stephen Barrett
How Quackery Harms Cancer Patients - William T. Jarvis
How bad science can be hazardous to your health - Avery Comarow
Human Auras And Energy Fields - Don Lindsay
Is Homeopathy Explained by the Placebo Effect? - David Ewing Duncan
Is meditation good for you? - Susan Blackmore
Is there no longer a celebration of reality? (Randi meets Dr. Weil) - James Randi
James Randi and the Faith Healers - Paul Willis
John of God: Healings by Entities? - Joe Nickell
Junior Skeptic KO´s Therapeutic Touch - D. Trull
Magnet Therapy: A Billion-dollar Boondoggle - Bruce Flamm
Magnet Therapy Proves Effective ... in Attracting Your Money - Christopher Wanjek
Magnetic bracelet pain relief probably placebo effect - Katharine Davis
Meditations on Meditation - A Scientific and Clinical Perspective - Jefferson M. Fish
Misconceptions about Vitamins - Harriet Hall
NCAHF position paper on Chiropratic - NCAHF
National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement on Acupuncture - NIH - National Institutes of Health
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) - Robert T. Carroll
Neurolinguistic Programming and other Nonsense - Steven Novella
New Study Exposes Acupuncture As Pseudoscience - Lauren F Friedman
Nocebo and Nocebo effect - Robert T. Carroll
Puncturing the Acupuncture Myth - Harriet Hall
Reiki Is Nonsense - Stephen Barrett
Save Us From Alternative Medicine! - Leon Jaroff
Seeking to Illuminate the Mysterious Placebo Effect - Erik Vance
Selling Nutritional Supplements - Steven Novella
Shamanism - Robert T. Carroll
Some Herbs Boost Breast Cancer Risk - Liza Jane Maltin
Spontaneous Remission and the Placebo Effect - Stephen Barrett
Ten Great Snake-Oil Gadgets - Rob Beschizza
The "Emily Event": Emily Rosa and the Therapeutic Touch Wars - Larry Sarner
The Danger of Chromotherapy - Sébastien Point
The End of Homeopathy? - Leon Jaroff
The Great Dilution Delusion - James Randi
The Herbal Minefield - Stephen Barrett
The mysterious placebo effect - Carol Hart
The Nocebo Effect - Katharine Dunn
The Nocebo Effect: Placebo's Evil Twin - Brian Reid
The Placebo Effect - Is It of Medical value? - Edvard A. Hemmingsen
The Placebo Phenomenon - Cara Feinberg
The Pleasing Placebo - John de Cuevas
The skeptic’s view of alternative medicine - Claire Trottier and Behzad Elahi
Therapeutic Touch Fails: a Rare Scientific Test -
Therapeutic touch? Skeptics here bet against it - Faye Flam
Top 10 Things You Should Know About Alternative Medicine - Harriet Hall
Unconventional Therapies - Psychic Surgery - BC Cancer Agency
Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism - Paul Offit
Warning: Meditating may be hazardous to your health - Sandy Brundage
What's up with homeopathy? - Cecil Adams
Why bogus therapies seem to work - Barry L. Beyerstein

A Cure for Casper - D. Trull
A Message of Love from the Seventh Dimension - Steven Novella
A Skeleton's Tale: The Origins of Modern Spiritualism - Joe Nickell
Africa´s Curse: magical beliefs - Richard Petraitis
Amityville Horror: Horror or Hoax? - ABC News Primetime
At Last a Photo of the Soul? - Joe Nickell
Brain electrodes conjure up ghostly visions - Michael Hopkin
Bullets into Water - The Sorcerers of Africa - Richard Petraitis
Can ghosts be explained scientifically? - Kelli Tipton
Can the living talk to the dead? - Greg Barrett
Carlos Castaneda, the sorcerer's apprentice - Mick Brown
Channeling - Harry Edwards
Channeling: Brief History and Contemporary Context - James E. Alcock
Children who remember previous lives - Richard Rockley
Claims of Communicating With the Dead - Paul Kurtz
Conversations with My Dead Mother - Jesse Bering
Electronic Voice Phenomena: Voices of the Dead? - James Alcock
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) - Robert T. Carroll
Enfield Poltergeist - Joe Nickell
Flying Witches and Africans - Leo Igwe
Galvanizing Ghosts - Darcy Lockman
Ghost Hunters - Robert T. Carroll
Ghost Hunters - Joe Nickell
Ghost Lusters: If You Want to See a Specter Badly Enough, Will You? - Adam Marcus
Ghost Photos: A Close Look at the Paranormal - Benjamin Radford
Ghostly images, spirited debate - Rona S. Hirsch
Ghosts - New England Skeptical Society (NESS)
Ghosts and Poltergeists - Lynne Kelly
Ghosts: Apparitions, Poltergeists - Harry Edwards
God, ET, and the Supernatural - Michael Shermer
Guide to Cold Reading - Ray Hyman
Haiti & the Truth About Zombies - Wade Davis
Haunted Inns - Tales of Spectral guest - Joe Nickell
Haunted Places or Haunted Minds? - Joe Nickell
Here Be Zombies - Michael Shermer
Here to Hereafter: Can Psychics Really Talk to the Dead? - Benjamin Radford
How Not to Test Mediums: Critiquing the Afterlife Experiments - Ray Hyman
How People Are Fooled by Ideomotor Action - Ray Hyman
Hunting the Ghost Hunters - Perry DeAngelis and Steven Novella
Hypnogogia: An Explanation for Strange Nighttime Visitations - Robert Novella
Life After Death - Steve Stewart-Williams
Life after death – fact or fiction? - Harry Edwards
Mermaids: Facto or Fiction? - Investigator Magazine
Near Death Experiences - Harry Edwards
Near-death experiences are "electrical surge in dying brain" - Rebecca Morelle
Nocturnal visitors - John O’Neill
On Witches and Witch Hunts: Ritual and Satanic Cult Abuse - Dr. David Lotto, Ph.D
Orbs: The Ghost in the Camera - Brian Dunning
Ouija Boards - Laurie Eddie
Ouija in the Classroom - Larry Barrieau
Palace ghost laid to rest - BBC News
Past Li(v)es - Claus Larsen
Photos of Ghosts: The Burden of Believing the Unbelievable - Massimo Polidoro
Psychic Surgery - R.T. Carroll
Reincarnation Past Lives - Harry Edwards
Review of Psychic Medium Van Praagh on CNN's Larry King Live - Joe Nickell
Scotland Mysteries: Ghosts, Fairies, and Witches - Joe Nickell
Seances, Mediums, and Messages - Patrick O'Reilly
Secrets of Psychic Surgery - Benjamin Radford
Spooky - Steven Novella
Spooky Acoustics (Ghosts created by low frequency sounds) - D. Trull
Superstition - Robert T. Carroll
Talking Twaddle with the Dead - Michael Shermer
Talking With the Dead - The Secrets of "Cold Reading - ABC News Primetime
Telephone to the Dead - Michael Shermer
The Day Houdini (Almost) Came Back from the Dead - Massimo Polidoro
The Enfield ‘Poltergeist’: a sceptic speaks - Deborah Hyde
The Great Afterlife (a debate between Michael Shermer and Deepak Chopra) - Skeptics Society
The Haitian Zombies - Brian Dunning
The Haunted Brain - Richard Wiseman
The Howling Horror of Werewolves! - Pat Linse
The Mysterious Invisible ‘Rods’ - Ben Radford
The New Paranatural Paradigm: Claims of Communicating with the Dead - Paul Kurtz
The (Non) Mysterious Orbs - Ben Radford
The Return of the Fairies - Massimo Polidoro
The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board - Linda Rodriguez McRobbie
The shady science of ghost hunting - Benjamin Radford
The Shamans of Suburbia - Richard Petraitis
The ‘Medium’ Is Not the Messenger - James Randi
Theories of haunting: a critical overview - Peter A. McCue
They saw dead people -- or so they claimed - Paul Collins
Treatise on Invisible Beings - Joe Nickell and James McGaha
Two Hypotheses About Channeling - Leonard Angel
UQ scientist unlocks secret of Min Min lights - Jack Pettigrew
Visitations: after-death contacts - Joe Nickell
Where Is the Science in Electronic Voice Phenomena? - Everett A. Themer
Why I Don't Believe in Ghosts - John A. Thomas
Why People Hear the Dead - Steven Novella
Witchcraft - Harry Edwards
Witchcraft and Magic - Julianna Yau
Witches and Africans - Leo Igwe

An Indian Test of Indian Astrology - Jayant V. Narlikar
Artifacts in reasoning: Hidden persuaders make astrology work - Geoffrey Dean and Ivan W. Kelly
Astrology - Robert Todd
Astrology - Lynne Kelly
Astrology - NTS Fact Sheet - Rory Coker
Astrology: Why Your Zodiac Sign and Horoscope Is Wrong - Pedro Bragança
Australian Skeptics Divining Test - James Randi
Beyond Feng Shui - Joe Queenan
Bolling for Facts (analysis of astrological claims) - Wayne Bartz
Cold Reading - a skeptic´s view on fortune reading ... - Bob Novella
Cold Reading: Confessions of a psychic - Colin Hunter
Did psychic Jeane Dixon predict JFK's assassination? - Ian, David & Ed Zoti
Divination: A mancy for every fancy - David Bailey
Friday the 13th - CSICOP Staff
Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery? - Harriet Hall
How Are Horoscopes Still a Thing? - Linda Rodriguez McRobbie
I See a Policeman In Your Future... - Time magazine
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