Atheists United


1) How would you define God, and why are you so convinced that there is one?

2) If everything needs a creator, then who or what created God?

3) How can something that cannot be described be said to exist?

4) Since there are countless religions in the world today claiming to be the one true religion, why do you think yours is truer than theirs?

5) Can more than one of these religions be right?

6) If you feel in your heart that your religion is the right one, how do you answer those of other faiths who claim the same thing?

7) How do you settle the debate and find out which of these religions, if any, is the right one?

8) Why does God allow all these false religions to exist?

9) Is the bloody history of Christianity consistent with what is supposed to be a religion of love, or does it simply illustrate the consequences of abandoning reason for faith?

10) If everything is the product of a grand design by an omniscient, benevolent designer, why is the history of life a record of horrible suffering, blundering waste, and miserable failures? Why does this God go through billions of years of such carnage without yet arriving at His goal?

11) Why did God intervene so many times in human affairs during antiquity (according to the Bible) and yet not do anything during the Holocaust of the Second World War?

12) Why should onešs inner convictions about the existence of God indicate that He/She/They/It exists outside of that personšs mind?

13) Can a God who would abandon His children when they needed him the most still be considered all good?

14) If something is not rational, should it be believed anyway?

15) If the God of the Bible is all good, why does He himself say that He created evil? (Isaiah 45:7)

16) Is there a better way than reason to acquire knowledge and truth?

17) If you would answer #16 with faith, then why are there so many contradictory faiths in the world?

18) Is comfort more important to you than intellectual integrity?

19) What would it take to convince you that you are wrong?

20) If nothing can convince you that you are wrong, then why should your faith be considered anything other than a cult?

21) If an atheist lives a decent, moral life, why should a loving, compassionate God care whether or not we believe in Him/Her/It?

22) Why do so many religious people thank God when they survive a disaster, yet fail to be angry with him for causing the disaster in the first place?

23) If you demand that the atheist disprove the Judeo-Christian God, are you prepared to disprove the existence of Zeus, Odin, Ra and all the other ancient gods and goddesses?

24) Why is the number of atheists in prisons disproportionally much smaller than their numbers in the general population?

25) Is the brutal, vengeful and bloodthirsty God as depicted in the Old Testament still a loving God?

26) Should any religion that demands we elevate faith over reason be trusted?

27) How can the same God that, according to the Old Testament, killed everybody on Earth except for four people be considered as anything other than evil?

28) Is the acceptance of religious mysticism, magic and miracles consistent with our understanding of good mental health?

29) Must we hate our families and ourselves in order to be good Christians? (Luke 14:26)

30) Since the ancient world abounded with tales of resurrected Savior-Gods that were supposed to have returned from the dead to save humanity, why is the Jesus myth any truer than all the others?

31) If the Bible is the standard for morality, why does it not forbid slavery and war?

32) If the Bible is the inerrant word of God, why does it contain so many factual errors, such as the two contradictory accounts of Creation in Genesis?

33) Why isnšt the Bible written in a straightforward way that leaves no doubt about what it means?

34) The last time Christianity attained total power, it resulted in the Dark Ages, so why should we expect anything different from Christian fundamentalists today?

35) Has anyone ever been killed in the name of atheism?

36) Why does history show that every time a fundamentalist religion has gained power, tyranny and persecutions have soon followed?